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We manufacture Intercoolers, After cooler cartridge & External type, Oil cooler for CENTAC, ZR, ZH, ZHC, ELLIOT, JOY COOPER & CAMERON Compressor Models. Our Coolers are directly interchangeable with OEM Coolers. Our coolers takes care of low inter stage temperature of the compressor to improve the efficiency & reliability of plant air supply. We have Coolers available for all CENTAC, ZR, ZH, ZHC, ELLIOT, JOY COOPER & CAMERON Compressor Models.

Benefits :

  • Directly interchangeable with OEM Coolers.
  • Tube holes are CNC drilled, reamed, grooved, burnished for closed tolerances to maintain better accuracy & leak tightness.
  • Tubes are manufactured on CNC Machines & specially developed special purpose machine to maintain reliability & heat transfer efficiency.
  • Optimum heat transfer surfaces, greater efficiency, uniform flow, constant water velocity.
  • Less pressure drop saves energy & higher water velocity Decreases fouling.
  • CNC turret punched baffles make better accuracy in punching hence minimum bypass through baffles for better efficiency.
  • Fine finished
  • Variety of shape and sizes
  • Durable material
  • Longer life
  • Maintain better accuracy
  • Leak tightness
  • Optimum heat transfer surface
  • Greater efficiency
  • Uniform flow
  • Constant water velocity
  • Decrease down time
  • Lowers inventory control
  • Minimum bypass through baffles
  • Higher water velocity decrease fouling